Use of Locked Cellular Phones in an Emergency

Have you ever thought of what if you are involved in accident and you are unconscious. How would loved ones find out or worse would you receive the correct treatment at a private medical facility.

In the past I’ve  on numerous occasions had to deal with this very situation. But these days it’s getting harder due to peoples sense of security. Most cell phones now come with a security pin/finger print to gain access. This in effect locks us out and prevents us and paramedic’s obtaining vital information, should you be unconscious. This could result in you been transported to a government facility and your family only been informed hours or even days later.

There is a way around this if you have set your phone up correctly. For locked Iphones and Samsung phones we can gain access via Siri or S-voice. We would ask your phone to call wife/ husband/mother/girlfriend via the voice recognition software provided the phone is set up correctly. So for both phones you would need to label your wife/mother/husband or girlfriend as so.For Iphones its as easy as telling Siri who your wife is. The Samsung you need to go into the contacts and set the relationship status,and I have found that you can also fill in the nickname field . This seems to help the voice recognition system to then dial your wife/husband/mother or girlfriend even from a locked phone. For blackberry and other phones I have not had a chance to test them yet. So please grab your phones now and test if you can dial emergency contacts on a locked phone and maybe drop me a email informing me how your phone works.

The other important thing to do is add a health or I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) App. Once we have contacted a loved one, hopefully you have entrusted your wife/husband/mother or girlfriend with the pin to gain access to your phone, so then we can look up all your details on these apps and render correct treatment and transport you to a private facility if on medical aid.Also check with your medical aid and check if they have apps, I know KeyHealth does.

It is also advised to carry your cell phone in your pocket as in a roll over most times the phones are either lost or broken.The cell phone holders are all very nice but don’t stand up to much in a vehicle accident.

Hope this information helps and you spread the word, as this would really help us to render speedy and correct treatment in an emergency.

Stay safe and hopefully we will never have to use this feature