Load Shedding Safety

I would like to point out some considerations people need to bare in mind with regards to Eskom load shedding.

Of late I’ve responded to three house fires that was the result of load shedding.The first scenario is you busy using a hair straightener hot iron when load shedding kicks in. What the individual forgets to do before placing the iron on the dressing table is to switch it off. When the electricity returns the iron comes back on and ignites the dressing table.

Scenario two is the individual is using a hair dryer whilst sitting on her bed blow drying her hair and the electricity goes out. She places the hair dryer on the bed and off she goes to work. When the electricity comes back on, the hair dryer comes back on but because it is lying on the bed, it ignites the bedding.

Scenario three is the individual is busy with the preparation of the evening supper when load shedding kicks in. With everyone hungry you forget to switch the oven/stove off and remove the pot from the stove top. You bundle everyone in the car and off you go in search of food.This normally amounts to going out the area to find some place that is on a different grid.By the time you return the electricity has return and you find your house either on fire or smoke logged due to the food on the stove igniting.

These might sound like silly mistakes but we are all prone to forgetting or in our moment of frustration we throw the item we busy with down and storm out.

So please when Eskom switches the power off, remember to physically put all appliances off

10355802_885241698168272_7920407127648178669_n.Hope this advise helps!