Durban Metro Fire and Emergency Service Centenary 1998

First Firemaster of Durban,Mr TW LambertWhilst going through some old magazines I came across the old Fire,Rescue &EMS Magazine from 1998. This was the year that Durban fire celebrated its centenary. The magazine featured a nice article on the fire service.

As history goes, due to the high risk of theft at the ever increasing Durban harbour, the Durban city police was formed.Then due to the increasing fire risk it was decided that the police force would be best suited to double up as fire men. But due to severe strain on the resources, the Durban city council pasted a law to establish the fire service in 1898.

Mr TM Lambert was appointed the first Fire Master in May 8 1902 and served for 26 years.His successor was Mr WM Scott who changed the title to Chief Fire officer and introduced a two shift system.
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Our first steam driven engineimage (6) - Copy image (7) - Copy

This station has now been fully restored and can be viewed on your way to Ushaka. Although its not been used for the fire service.Pine street fire stationThis building above was completed in 1902 and was very sophisticated features like suspended harnesses for the horses,self opening doors and the sliding pole. This station closed down when the present station at Centenary road was opened in 1953.

Centenary fire station

The present day Fire Station at Centenary road which opened in 1953 with some of our vehicles on display in front and above. Most of these have been replaced with newer Fire engines since this photo.

All the above info was sourced from the Magazine and i hold no right to it.