Paul Audie


Hi all. My name is Paul and I’m employed by the eThekwini Municipality.

I’ve work for the eThekwini Fire and Emergency service for just over 20 years now. I have a diploma in Fire Engineering Science and have multiple courses under my belt, ranging from, High Angle Rescue, Trench Rescue to Emergency Rescue Class IV Diver, to name just a few. I am presently the Station Commander based at Amanzimtoti Fire Station.

My twitter username is @DurbanFire. I would love you to follow me for up to date posts about my daily life as a fire fighter as well as other possible dangers passed to me from in and around Kwa-Zulu Natal.

  • Christopher Lovick

    Hi there, could you perhaps tell me if you knew Bruce Williamson. Probably retired a while now but like to make contact with him. I served at central, and Durban North in the 80’s.

    • Durban Fire

      Hi sorry about not responding sooner. Yes I know Bruce. I will try get his contact details

  • Anne Erikson

    Hello Paul. I wonder how far back your records go. I am now 74 years old. Both of my parents grew up in Durban and they told me about a terrible accident that happened in Durban in 1910. There was an exhibition held in Albert Park, I think to celebrate the founding of the Union of South Africa. The Durban Fire Brigade built a little house of straw with a balcony. They put their children onto the balcony and set fire to the house. The Fire Brigade was to gallop in and put the fire out. But the flames took hold and the children were burnt to death. My father was nine years old at the time and he remembered the children screaming and running round the balcony. My grandmother was asked if my father could take part as one of the children but she refused. My mother, who was three years younger than my father, told me that a little friend of hers, named Kathleen Plumber (spelling?) was burnt to death in that blaze. Her father was a fireman. Do you have any records of this? I’d be very interested.

    • Durban Fire

      Hi there sorry for the delay in responding.
      This is the first I’m hearing of this. I will have to do some digging and try find some info.

    • Durban Fire

      Hi there yes your story is true. I found the story on facts about Durban website. Very sad. Sorry can’t seem to paste the link